How Does a Partnership Impact the Community?

The latest news headlines read, ‘Yes, Teachers Are Grooming Kids At School’, and, ‘Student Charged With Sexual Harassment For Misgendering’. Clearly, there is NO argument that today’s government schools have veered far from the path of educating our children with, or at the very least promoting, basic moral principles to guide them. Fear not, though, for all hope is not lost. God has positioned CTCA for such a time as this: to educate, equip, and empower students in our neighboring communities to defend God’s Truth.

You are a vital part of this mission. You see, families in our community have reached out with a great desire to see their children educated in a Christian school, but, without the funds to make it happen, we are powerless to help them.

Having benefited from years of Christian education myself, as a student and educator, I know first-hand how a solid foundation can be the agent of change to influence the future of our community. It is my passion to see families have the option to choose Christian education for their children with access to an affordable scholarship. This is where your passion to see a change in our community and nation moves in. By committing to support CTCA families, you provide the opportunity to effect change, beginning inside their very homes.

The Academy has an objective of providing 100 students in our community this year with the opportunity to learn in a Christian environment that will train them up to be defenders of truth outside the four walls of the church. Your partnership makes this opportunity possible! Whether it is a one-time gift or an 11-month pledge, every dollar counts!

Donations are accepted via Paypal/ctcafinance and Zelle online payments. Cash or checks labeled for CTCA may be turned in to the church lobby Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am until 5 pm.

A HUGE Thank You To Our Current Partners:

  1. CT Church
  2. At His Feet Ministries
  3. Nieten Law, P.C.
  4. Skybridge Realty
  6. ACE Scholarship
  7. Connect Global
  8. The Covington Family
  9. The Alaniz Family
  10. The Hawthorne Family
  11. The Gonzales Family
  12. The Sharp Family
  13. The Harris Family
  14. The Bazan Family
  15. The Martinez Family
  16. The Hernandez Family
  17. The Dotson Family
  18. The Reyes Family
  19. The Tobar Family
  20. The McBee Family
  21. The Loya Family
  22. The Quintanilla Family
  23. The Hicks/Smith Family
  24. The Roman Family
  25. The Arredondo-Boff Family
  26. The Vega Family
  27. The Paul Family
  28. The Jones Family
  29. The Gutierrez Family
  30. Hebrews 3:4 Investments
  31. The Bryant Family